Retirement Wishes Messages – Kind Words for Retirement, Quotes Sayings

By   June 10, 2015

Great unique collections of Retirement Wishes Messages – Kind Words for Retirement, Quotes Sayings for Friends, Dad, Mom, Boss, Staff, Military, Coworkers and many more.

Retirement Wishes Quotes Images, Wallpapers, Photos Retirement Wishes Messages - Kind Words for Retirement, Quotes Sayings Images, Wallpapers, Photos Happy Retirement Quotes Sayings Thoughts Images, Wallpapers Congratulations for Retirement Wishes Messages Greetings Images, Pictures PhotosRetirement Wishes Messages

“Enjoy your retirement. Say goodbye to the tension and welcome the joy of freedom.”

“Finally the time has come where you can say to yourself that stop working and start living life with a smile and all colors of life. It is the rest time, so bring out your inner child and let him play on his own. Wish you a happy post retirement life.”

“It is the time when you look back your past with the pride and satisfaction for always being dedicative in your mission and you look forward to a new tomorrow where a fun life is waiting for you.”

“I wish you a very happy retirement life where every day is the weekend, you are fee from reporting your boss, free from the routine life. Now it is the time for celebration, explores your life the way you want.”

“Without you, there will no fun loving speeches that lights the workload. We all miss you, but we are happy because now you are the boss of your own. We wish, you do everything what you have missed in your working day.”

“We are saying goodbye to you with a smile face, but the pain in our heart. Your friendly nature and dedication is no longer there to motivate us, but your advices will always be with us. May all the fun and enjoyments be in your way.”

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“You are about to enter into a carefree zone where there will no more be a deadline, work pressure and handling responsibility. In this life, only fun, vacation planning, get together are important. Enjoy life with the full swing. Happy retirement, mom.”

“The happy retirement life is finally with you; I wish you enjoy the every bit of life now and what dreams you have not fulfilled yet, may turn true. We miss your presence in the office always.”

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