Fathers Day Text Messages for Greetings Cards – Best Wishes Quotes

By   June 19, 2015

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Fathers Day Text Messages for Greetings Cards

I’m sending you this Father’s Day card to let you know how much you mean to me. But, the problem is that my heart is so filled with love, that this card is not as large as it should be! Happy Father’s Day With Love!

It just doesn’t get any better than having a fantastic dad like you! I am definitely a lucky kid! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Kind, sweet, and just absolutely the funniest person to be around that’s you, my dad. I’m so happy that I have you in my life! Happy Father’s Day With All My Love!

May you have mow happiness, mow laughter, mow love, mow everything, this Father’s Day and forever mow! Happy Father’s Day!

My life would not have been as wonderful as it’s been if I didn’t have a father as wonderful as you! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

No matter when I turned around, it seemed like you had a knack for showing up just in the knick of time Of course, sometimes it was the absolute worst knick of time, but glad when you showed up for the right ones! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

No matter where life has taken me, it seems like you’re always there to encourage me and help me along. Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Remember when I used to bug you to go to the bathroom every few minutes on car trips? Well, thanks for not stopping all the time. I have a bladder of steel because of you! Happy Father’s Day!

Spiderman, Batman, and all of the other superheroes could learn a thing or two from you! Happy Father’s Day To My Superhero Dad!

There is one thing that I’ve never fully understood. Where can I get one of those money trees? They seem to keep your pockets full and that’s good! Happy Father’s Day!

There’s one thing that has always made me super happy. It’s being your little girl and that’s made my life super great and super sweet! Happy Father’s Day!

To My Lifetime Pal My Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

We celebrate you today, but love you and honor you EVERYDAY! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

We’re just as glad as you that you have a job. We know that you would go bonkers if you had to be with us day in and day out! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Whoever spelled “super” with five letters was totally wrong. In my world, super is spelled “D-A-D”! Happy Father’s Day!

You are so perfect that part of me loves the fact that I’m so much like you .just a lot spryer and without the wrinkles! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

You are the one who taught me that dad’s are supposed to always have their barbecue tools ready. I’ve had a yummy, grilling life because of you! Happy Father’s Day To The World’s Best Grilling Dad!

You deserve a medal of honor just for wearing all of those ridiculous ties that we faithfully gave you. You always exceeded our expectations with that!! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

You have been the biggest cheerleader in my life. Today, I’m saluting you .The World’s Greatest Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

You have never changed and I hope that you never will! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

You have taught me so much and we had so many wonderful experiences together. You deserve the most amazing Father’s Day this life can produce! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

A Son-to-Dad Poem Happy Father’s Day to someone way cool. You helped me out all the time as I went through school. You gave me everything that I needed and more. Happy Father’s Day From Your Son! Dad, it’s you I respect, admire, and adore!

Appreciation, gratitude, and a world of thanks for you. Dad, you’ve been a shining example in all that you say and do. Happy Father’s Day From Your Son!

As “paws” go you’re a dog gone good one! Happy Father’s Day!

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